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Monday, August 03, 2009

In LA for distributors' screenings

It's now Monday night and several more distributors rsvp'd "yes" today to the 2pm theater screening of THE WHOLE TRUTH in Burbank tomorrow, which is nearly full now; still more rsvp'd "yes" to the 7:30pm theater screening in Beverly Hills - where studio reps, other distributors, Elisabeth Röhm and special guest stars will be on hand.

Producer Larry Estes put out the invitations, so they're responding to him.

Some distributors who are not coming to either screening have requested "screeners," the dvd-very low resolution format of the film - which won't be ready until at least a few days after the theater screenings. We may not send them because we're hoping to sign a deal within two days after the screenings.

We've also prepared THE WHOLE TRUTH posters for display outside the theaters so the distributors will see them before they see the film, which should give them a taste of the film's tone in case they've not seen the teaser or the trailer.

The most exciting part for me is not just spending time with our special guest stars - superb and well known talents all - and good distributors who know their stuff, but as soon as we have a solid distribution deal, we can get started with our next feature film, THE LONELY GOATHERD!

Thanks to all the folks who have sent their best wishes, high fives and good luck; at this point we are hoping the film sells itself!

In case there is no distribution deal signed among the folks attending? We have other resources and contacts to help us; hopefully we won't have to turn to them!

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  • At 6:51 AM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Best of luck, Colleen. You've got a great film. All of us in the Seattle film community are rooting for you!

  • At 7:43 AM, Blogger cp said…

    Thank you so much, Eric - I'll let you know how it went as soon as I can get to my computer tonight!

    I have to say it's been a hoot coming to LA to escape the Seattle heat wave!


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