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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two days of wall-to-wall poetry!

Actually, it's a three day poetry extravaganza sponsored by world famous Wave Books, but I can only go tomorrow and Saturday; Sunday I'm taking care of rescued horses.

There will be films about poets and poetry, readings by poets, art exhibitions related to poetry, poetry book discounts, book signings and a book arts presentation (including rare books) at Seattle's Henry Art Gallery on the University of Washington campus.

There are still some tickets available - I got mine at Open Books in Wallingford (Seattle neighborhood), a fantastic store devoted completely to poetry. I love this store - it has a terrific inventory, including rare and first editions - and has that perfect poetry "vibe."

That means it's accessible to everyone, no airs or snooty folks to be found - just people who love words and language and poetry and the folks who create them; people who work there are all about helping you with whatever you need or need to know. If you visit, tell John I say howdy.

I got a couple of a a milne poetry books for my niece there. I'm going to record me reading them aloud - giving her the books to follow my spoken words until she can read them on her own - she's only 16 months old.

Milne's the guy who wrote Winnie the Pooh; he also wrote many books of whimsical poetry for youngsters. In a way, he's the British Dr. Seuss, only he lived decades before America's Doc.

Renowned novelist Ray Bradbury says all writers should read poetry every night before going to sleep. I agree.

Should be a very fun, illuminating, thoughtful and inspirational two days.

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  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger Mireille M said…

    Love Winnie the Pooh!! One of my absolute favorite childhood characters.

    That's very admirable that you're taking care of rescued horses.

    Hope the poetry extravaganza was enjoyable :)


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