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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Love Giant Panda Bears?

The San Diego Zoo's Panda Cam was crushed with so many hits the site went down yesterday, but it's back up again today.

The fuss is about the Giant Panda cub born early August 5 - just three days ago.

You can see the tiny baby's birth for yourself by clicking the video window here.

The gender of the wee bear - about the size of a stick of butter - won't be known for awhile. The mostly pink, hairless little offspring will take about four weeks to start showing those distinctive black and white fur panda markings.

It's cub #5 for Giant Panda Bai Yun, who weighs in at more than 200 pounds. There's not much action at Panda Cam because she's mostly overseeing her minuscule charge, blocking our view to the baby. However, sometimes she moves enough for us to see the little guy.

Do NOT miss the photo gallery! Be sure to click the button to the left of the panda cam - it features a fantastic slide show of a panda youngster enjoying life.

The Giant Panda is one of the most critically endangered species of the planet, according to the World Wildlife Fund - that's their photograph in the corner.

The San Diego Zoo is world renown for its successful animal husbandry work with some endangered species - in the case of pandas, some who were born at the zoo were then sent to China to help the Giant Panda's native nation's breeding programs and research.

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