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Monday, September 14, 2009

What's working in your life? What's not?

With all that's going on regarding not just our upcoming appearance at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival for THE WHOLE TRUTH, but our next film THE LONELY GOATHERD ("All Harry Lochman ever wanted was a wife and kids. He got half his wish."), future projects, personal and professional transitions and of course something called "a life," I had to take inventory to be sure I won't be overwhelmed by it all.

After speaking about this with my best friend, I decided you may like to know my process in case it might help you.

The first thing I do is write down everything that's working in my life. I don't mean things that I want to work, or that are almost or nearly working or that will be working soon, but only those things that are clicking like a well oiled metronome.

I don't just mean the "big" items, but things we can take for granted, like healthy pets, a car - paid for - that works perfectly, a car that doesn't show up on any list of cars most (or even least) likely to be stolen, the Internet, breathing easily, Mad Men, my cell phone, high energy, hands that are pain-free and write effortlessly, my favorite masseuse Crystal, and so on.

Fortunately, that list is long, and I'm extremely grateful for that.

The next thing I do is write what is NOT working in my life - from my perspective.

Like my new eating/exercise plan, which needs much more attention; deciding specifically which script I should write for our third project and get cracking on it; finishing the housework properly so I'm free to write without the pressure of feeling I MUST take care of it before I can concentrate fully, and there are also a couple more personal/professional items.

After reviewing both columns carefully, thoughtfully and extensively - adding or subtracting as the case may be, I focus on the "not working" side and ascertain how I can put each of those things into the "working" column.

I take responsibility for what is not working; I can't blame other people for what is not working in my life. It's my life, not anyone else's. What doesn't work for me may work just fine for someone else.

What part of this not working business is mine? I ask myself what is it I have to do in order to resolve the issue, putting everything back on track so it can remain that way?

Should I apply a little more elbow grease? Dedicate more time and/or energy to something or someone? Jennifer Aniston says the death of any relationship is caused by laziness - and subsequent neglect of the other person. Do I need to make a phone call? Complete a task I've been postponing?

Or do I have to accept that something simply isn't working - that it's an action or issue over which I have absolutely no power and need to let go?

Even realizing there's nothing I can do (that I haven't already done) is taking action, and I think that's the most important part of this process. Knowing that I've taken as much action as I can to help things work as well as they can; knowing I've not neglected it or let anything fall to the wayside because I've not paid proper attention.

Buddhist tradition says as long as we act with clear intention, thoughtfully, we're good to go.

That is how I like to live; with clear intention and thoughtfully. Doing what I say, saying what I'll do.

It's pretty simple to me, but I'm always amazed at how many people don't seem to understand the concept - or even want to.

Here's hoping everything in your life falls into the "working!" category!

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