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Friday, September 04, 2009

OK, it may be a little early for you ... but!

I've started working on songs with my singing coach Nedra Gaskill that I'll perform for a local Christmas concert!

The tunes I've selected that I'll be singing for sure:

"Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)" - a rock classic. I'll have four back-up singers; I'm choreographing their/our routine. I'll be singing this number in a belt-your-guts-out "chest" pop/rock voice.

And "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" - an inspirational piece from The Sound of Music for which I'll be using my dramatic soprano voice.

I figure they'll appreciate the extreme vocal range emitted from this unassuming voice, covering more than three octaves.

If there's the opportunity for me to sing three selections, I'll sing either Celine Dion's upbeat pop "Christmas Eve" or the very bluesy "Please Come Home for Christmas," which has been covered by numerous soloists and bands.

Every part of my life always seems to run smoothly when I work with Nedra.

Maybe it's because I love singing so much - it makes me feel as close to a connection with angels as I can get - or because she's such a good coach that it feels so wonderful to have someone support and believe in me to the extent she does for doing something that is pure joy to me.

As much work, energy and discipline as vocalists must invest in perfecting their craft ("perfecting" any craft is impossible, btw), it is a wonderful sensation to just get out there and "play the instrument."

No matter how sad, serious or serene the song, it's always fun for me to blow the pipes for an appreciative audience.

Even when the audience consists of my pups and kitty, assistants, or frankly anyone who hangs out with me.

I love visiting sick friends in the hospital because they are such attentive audiences. I've actually whipped my harmonica out, too, for a little accompaniment.

And! Have I ever told you I also learned to play the saw?

*Amazing* how quickly they recover! Why, even the thought of me visiting with the harmonica and/or saw and/or - whatever portable instrument I bring - seems to help them literally spring out of their sickbeds.

Must be a spiritual thing...


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