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Thursday, October 15, 2009

One step closer

Finished the rewrite of THE LONELY GOATHERD ("All Harry ever wanted was a wife and kids ... he got half his wish.") last night; two days of fun finessing and it goes to the producer.

With all the potential distribution/theater screening activity surrounding THE WHOLE TRUTH, it's important to be ready to roll with feature #2, and I'm also looking forward to writing our next feature script.

Exactly which project that will be should be determined next week; we're looking at the possibility among eight whose scripts I've written our outlined.

I like to be one script ahead. Have one film in the can, one script/project ready to go - complete with finished shot sheets - for pre-production, and one script written that is good enough to read by folks who work with us so they'll understand what's coming up.

The earlier crew and actors who are pre-cast can read it the better, I believe. It gets everyone thinking about the project - and the ideas we develop over a period of time can be very fruitful; it also helps us make decisions that waste less money while still providing the quality performances and production values that mark a Heart Break Production.

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