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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mother Nature should sue!

A sinkhole hole in Guatemala sucked down a three-story building and a home. As astonishing as that is, the news coverage has been downright amazing, claiming that "Mother Nature" did this because she got pissed off!

Are they kidding?

Mother Nature - nature - doesn't take sides or become emotional about its natural course or work. Nature is nature.

Scientists can explain what caused the sinkhole, and they will assuredly not attribute any emotion to the elements that created this phenomenon.

Mother Nature should sue over such silly "news" coverage. Anthropomorphism at its most witless.

It reminds me of people who live in areas that flood and complain that every year, they have to put up with floods! As much as they try to stop the flooding, it still floods.

It floods, people, because. It. Is. An. Area. That. Nature. Floods. For whatever reason, there's a natural explanation and cause, and as much as we try to control our environment, Mother Nature is a force stronger than any of us individually, as a group or business or country.

People, however, can screw up nature and wreck havoc because of their emotions - one that comes to mind: greed. Or the desire to control what really cannot be controlled. Or....

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