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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cereal Killer

Kelloggs breakfast cereals set up a branch here in India several years ago they thought would catch fire among the 1.1 billion people who inhabit this country. Lots of brands and industries are hot for the Indian market because it is rife with promise and pioneering new markets!
Thing is, Indians start their day with hot cereals - my favorite is their porridge. Hot milk and wheat grains. Yum.
Apparently the Kelloggs folks did not do their homework, so their experiment has been the brunt of many a breakfast joke here.
You see, when Indian consumers tried Corn Flakes, the flakes died when hot milk was poured on them.
Like the Chinese, Indians tend to believe that starting the day with something cold is a shock to our system, so they prefer warm meals in the morning.
Well, I'm sure to give us something "American," the Rai School folks gave Michael and me some sort of Kelloggs cereal this morning for breakfast.
It's nothing we've ever seen in America - I'm sure Kelloggs does not sell this there - in fact it looks a lot like dog kibble. It was some sort of chocolate cereal whose only resemblance to taste was that of a crackling cardboard, even after pouring hot milk over it.
So we asked Tony the Tiger what he thought!
He said, "It's ggggggrrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS!"

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