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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Instant Expert! Ask me any question...

After nearly three weeks in India - meeting so many people, going so many places, listening to radio and watching TV here, I believe I have become an authority in an amazingly short time!
To prove this, I am responding to the questions Michael has asked me over the past several days with answers that I believe any Indian knows to be true...
Michael: So if cars are supposed to drive on the left side of the road, why do they also weave in and out of the right lane and even use the center of the road to travel without stopping?
Instant Expert CP: Because, my friend, this is India.
M: If monkeys are supposed to be free here, why do some people own monkeys and walk them on a leash?
IECP: Because, Michael, this is India.
M: Hmmm. Although animals except monkeys are supposed to have owners, most seem free to wander as they wish. What's up with that?
IECP: Do they seem unhappy, these animals? Cows, pigs, goats, dogs, cats..?
M: They seem either completely laid back or happy - even playful.
IECP: I see. And do you know why that is?
M: Because...
IECP: Because this is India.
M: I think I see a pattern, here. OK. In other countries, people with different religions don't seem to get along. But here they live in harmony. Why is that?
IECP: Because. This is India.
M: Why are parrots allowed to fly freely here, where in other countries they are in cages?
IECP: Because this is India.
M: There is still a lot of ignorance in India. Tigers have disappeared because people killed them, selling their body parts to black marketers. Yet there is a tradition of conservation and respect for nature - I hear even killing a tree is frowned upon.
IECP: Yes, that is because this is India.
M: Rich people live next to poor people without rancor; people who do not speak English live alongside many who do, and even they get along. I don't understand... this can't be *just* because ... this is India...
IECP: Think about it. In India there is an attitude of let people live as they wish as long as they do not harm others. That as long as others are not hurt or worse, we all have good intentions.
In matters of driving, there is a dance of traffic among animals of every size, pedestrians, cars, vans, trucks, tripeds, buckboards, bicycles and more - eveyone's attitude allows each to share the road while reaching your own destination as quickly as possible without stopping for long distances (many, many miles) because there are almost no traffic lights.
You make way for someone else as someone else makes way for you. All for one, one for all.
No road rage, no insistence that I get farther faster than anyone else.
There is no assumption that if someone happens to be going in the opposite direction they are doing something wrong - they are helped to get going in the right direction or to their destination. And there is the proper assumption the driver is not impaired with alcohol or drugs.
People are not made out to be "wrong" - rather, it is assumed everyone is doing something right, in the right place for the right reason, no matter how it may look.
M: So you're saying ... that ... the reason these things work even though they may not look like they work to an outsider ... is ...
IECP: Correct. This is India. '-)

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