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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A massage, a shower ...

This morning, Michael and I went to a reasonably priced mini-spa to get a fantastic massage and genuine shower with hot water that runs nonstop. I was also treated to a steam bath to help clear out my lungs from whatever condition my sinus infection has turned into.
Our first real (for us) shower in about three weeks.
I believe I made inappropriate noises as I scrubbed my hair and other essentials.
That will probably be our last until we arrive home next weekend.
Then I got the three of us - Michael, me and our driver Singh, treats from Evergreen Sweets - great dessert stuff, small portions and not too sweet!
This is Singh. He loves kids. He has three of his own with remarkable age separations - 38, 23 and 12.
Then we're off to an exhibit of a 23-foot iron cast pilar that was made about 400 BC - that has *never* rusted. Pretty amazing.
It's part of an exhibition of ancient ruins from the Indian Valley associated with mosques, including a 238-foot tall sandstone tower with inscriptions at all five levels.
The collection of ruins of the Qutb Minar is protected as international historic heritage - preserved and protected by international law.
We also stopped at the Lotus House of Worship of the Baha'i faith, which is memorable and profoundly spiritual. Baha'i faith includes the equality of men and women, religion working with science rather than opposing it and other very progressive points of view, considering it is 157 years old. I covered stories when I was a TV journalist of Baha'i believers who escaped Iran and Iraq because they were being persecuted and even killed for their belief in equality of humankind. Very loving, courageous people.
Inside the House of Worship, it is beautiful, bright, and glowing with powerful spiritual energy. One must be silent upon entering, wearing neither shoes nor socks, and remain silent until you leave. A memorable visit, and one I made with a 12-year old Indian boy - the son of our driver. We actually had an adventure as well as sharing a very tender spiritual experience inside the temple.
Tomorrow we head to the Red Fort - where the constitution was signed in 1950 for the New Republic, then to the Taj (we know each other so well by now, I call it the Taj rather than the Taj Mahal)...
Here are a few photos Michael took of a village near the Rai School for Girls.

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