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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Major change of plans!

We decided rather than continue in the area of Delhi-Agra, we would go to the Himalayas, where we've been for the past day and a half. We've landed at a resort in the mountains owned by our host minutes ago. Lots of stuff and photos to catch up on soon!
Photographs cannot capture the majesty and magnificence of these mountains.
I now understand the lure of people who seem to come here again and again - it has nothing to do with mountain climbing; it's the region, the regal mountains and terrain; the animals and people.
Although far from the crowds of metropolitan India, satellite dishes and cell telephone towers are everywhere; technology and TV shows - including many American programs - are always nearby.
There is great concern over what is transpiring in Egypt. Indians there are leaving as quickly as they can. Media here are upset that the Indian government is not throwing its support behind the Egyptian people who want to dump Mubarak; India says it cannot get involved until they have someone in place with whom to deal. At this point the only organized group that may take over is reported to be the Brotherhood of Muslims - not to be confused with radical Islamists.
This is reported to be the first "internet uprising" in the Middle East.
Starting in Tunisia with young people, spreading and landing in Egypt's lap because of its horrific record of corruption and duplicity under the Mubarak regime.
Some stories reported on Indian news: unemployment is at about 20% in Egypt and other ME nations; where oil is the primary source of income, there is less strife even with high unemployment - but countries in which tourism is the #1 source of income, such as in Egypt, people are taking action.
More later!

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