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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Failure becomes success if ....

... we learn everything we are supposed to from that failure.

The moment the lesson is learned -and never repeated - that "failure" flips into the *success* column!

To become more successful?

Be brave - put yourself out there - risk making more mistakes!

Mistakes are not made on purpose - but we need to understand their purpose in our lives to learn the lessons we must so we can grow and move beyond them.

Again, lessons are only known to be learned if the mistake is not repeated.

But if we hide who we are and never screw up because we're too afraid to make mistakes?

Is that is living a full, purposeful life with a strong identity?

Well, is it?

Um, we ask the questions, you decide. ;-)


Speaking of success: I *love* my creative writing course and its down to earth, erudite leader, Steve Lorton.

This guy knew Truman Capote and continues to hob and knob with the world's great writers today. That actually wouldn't matter to me if he weren't such an insightful, knowledgeable, inspirational teacher.

But Steve knows where it's happening, how it happens and how to make it happen for us.

You know, I've often been told by people who work with me how much they look forward to our sessions. I've always appreciated hearing that, and believe it's very cool, but didn't actually understand how passionately one can love learning from a teacher until I started working with Steve.

I not only look forward to our weekly sessions, I prepare my homework diligently and professionally right after class so I can continue to perfect it during the week. I'm probably the most published, produced writer in the group so I feel I need to step up in a major way and never try to "get by."

Not that I could! The quality of writers in our group is so great I have to be ultra diligent just to keep up with their standards!

I even dress up a bit (I'm normally *way* casual), and always volunteer to be Steve's Little Helper when any of the s**t work needs to be done in the classroom! I know how great it feels as a leader when people step up to assist with set up, tear down, etc.

I've always believed that the better the teacher is as a student, the better the teacher is at his/her job.

I hope so for the sake of all my coachees!



I had a blast learning to edit using Final Cut Pro software over the weekend. Our instructor, Matt, is an accomplished editor and had *infinite* patience with me and the others in the two-day seminar.

Now it's up to me to keep practicing - I've decided on a project I'm shooting on dv (Digital Video) to put my skills to the test!


"Wassup" is now read by tens of thousands of people in 56 nations! Wilkommen!


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