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Monday, November 20, 2006

Friends are everywhere

I received the most marvelous email from my best friend and writing partner John - who lives in Manchester, England (I'm in Seattle, Washington USA).

He said the woman who cut my hair while I was visited earlier this year for about three weeks asked after me - as did others I met when I was there. That is so sweet - I'm remembered!

I love interacting with people just about everywhere I go - and over time, these people become if not outright friends, "near-friends."

That is, we know about what we're up to, family or pet problems; family or pet triumphs, work problems and triumphs, trips, classes, future plans, losses, challenges, whatever. I even end up socializing with some of these terrific people.

Recently, one of my coachees accompanied me on a long run of errands, and it felt like everywhere we went, I knew people well enough to collect hugs, receive and give personal and professional updates, tips on good stuff to do or buy and at least a short social chat or two.

Librarians, store clerks, restaurant workers, cosmetologists - they're all pretty terrific.

It's the journalist and the writer in me - I enjoy learning about people. What makes them tick. Their passions. Their fears, concerns and cares. If there's anything I can offer to help or support them in some way I'm happy to share, just as they are with me.

My coachee was amazed at the number of people with whom I had a personal relationship on our long errand run.


Doesn't everyone chat up folks along the path of their lives? :-)

Meanwhile, I seem to be reconnecting - quite by accident - with several people I consider friends or near-friends I haven't seen in *years* - most of whom told me they have been thinking about me, wanted to re-connect - and bingo! There I am. I guess there are no mistakes.

Interestingly, I also seem to be "running into" - again, quite by accident - several opportunities for my writing and filmmaking work; I haven't sought them out. I've decided not to question the magic in the air, but they've come as such a surprise, I almost feel a little guilty ...


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