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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Family" vs "Career"

One of my successful performers - who works a lot - and I discussed this concept (some see it as a problem) at length recently, and decided that the most important thing to do is not divide Family and Career in two separate camps.

I knew an actress who separated these worlds so completely she basically didn't share anything about her acting with her family. I think she thought if she talked about acting - her passion - her family would think that she considered her work more important than them.

What actually happened is that they felt excluded; so much so they believed they were discounted by her and were reluctant to even approach the subject with her.

My successful performer and I figured out that if both are combined - including people in her personal life with the process that is her art and passion - a perceived division between the two would not exist.

She wouldn't feel like pulled in two directions, but rather would demonstrate passion in/for her personal and professional life by integrating the two in her mind.

Life is life.

She now writes updating emails to friends and family at least once a week, makes periodical phone calls, send cards and letters, letting everyone know what she's up to in her work and family.

This includes progress of projects on which she's working, when and where she will be performing and information about her training. :-) She enjoys sending these missives now because she's made this new effort fun.

She and her husband (who is pursuing his own artistic passion) have also made it a priority to talk about their respective processes and artistic work so each is consistantly, constantly included in the excitement of what's going on -- personally and professionally.

I try to include friends, family, coachees, and you, Gentle Reader, about what's going on in my heart, soul, mind, work and at least part of my personal life through my blogs. I also write update emails and cards as well as call family and friends regularly.

Mind you, I'm hip to the fact that most people don't care about what I do or accomplish nearly as much as they simply appreciate feeling included in my life. This came as a surprise to me because I used to think they cared more about what I did than who I am .. but discovered just the reverse is true.

BTW, if you are an actor, writer, director, performer or other type of artist? Sharing the essence of what you're up professionally and personally creates an aura of trust and care among those on your professional team - agents, producers, publicists, etc.

Keeping these folks up to date with you is a great way to keep your name in front of them, making them feel closer to you personally.

Thanksgiving (in the US) is a great time to connect with everyone you care for/about as well as a wonderful time to hear from the people who care about you as well!

It's always a good idea to list all the things and people for which we give thanks anyway, no matter the time of year.

US readers - have a safe, warm and fuzzy holiday!


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