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Monday, January 15, 2007


Greg Behrendt said it on his TV program:

"Confidence is just a series of victories strung together!"

Not huge victories - *little* victories.

But it all relies on what I call living awarely.

When we're aware of the victories we enjoy; the good job we do, keeping our word to ourselves and others, the payoffs come!

In other words if you're aware that just getting out of bed is a victory, you give yourself credit for achieving and starting your day off with a victory!

If then you tell yourself "good job!" after you do pop out of the sack -- you are even more aware of achieving that victory and doing it *well!*

Then if you give yourself credit for keeping your word to yourself - let's say you promised yourself you would get up, and at that specific time - you can chalk up another "minor" victory, which tallies up to a huge victory just for getting out of bed when you said you would!

Simple things make the greatest and most meaninful victories - whether washing your face, brushing your teeth, snuggling your pet, spending time with a friend holding her baby for her, taking time to chill with a pal who needs a little pick-me-up, enjoying a view.

Victories, all.

They won't matter, however, if you don't make them matter. If you're not aware of them? They're simply things you do that are lost to the ether.

BTW, this is the one thing I find makes such a difference in the quality of relationships: being aware of other people's victories and pointing them out when you observe them!

It helps you appreciate the other person more, in turn they appreciate themselves more - they become more aware, and they appreciate you more for noticing!

When you make these victories matter and you do these things awarely, you realize how many life victories you are stringing together. When you realize that? Your confidence increases - especially when you push your life's envelope further and further to do what you want to do, make a dream come true or do what it takes to follow your passion.

I hope you string a *fabulous* series of life victories together today to create a more confident glow - and better relationships!


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