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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Feeling in love!

I'm not talking about falling in love - I'm talking about feeling in love.

It's a sensation I tend to enjoy just about all the time.

Sometimes it's misunderstood because people about whom I feel quite neutral wonder if ... maybe .. they .. might be the target .. of all that energy.

Nope. Pas de tout! (Not at all!)

It's just the way I feel in general ... and exude.

I can't say when it began to brim over so completely - but it was several years ago.

It might be a spiritual experience - not related to any specific individual, but to life and living as a whole - everything living and life have to offer - which makes this state of near nirvana possible.

People come and go, but life goes on.

And life offers ventures and undertakings to fall and be in love with every day, whether it's perceived as an intensely positive episode or an unhappily negative ordeal. It's all valuable, it's all to be embraced and learned from - it's all life.

It's also the result, as is happiness itself, of overwhelming gratitude. Making a daily gratitude lists may have led to my state.

I have had the great experience of actually being in love with someone and that joy never left me, though the relationship ended tragically - and almost immediately. That sense is regenerated daily but does not need a "target" for that to happen. Just the experiences and memories I rack up.

I'm also aware of loving way more things than I don't like.

I've been around people whose primary statement of and about life seems to be "I hate that!" because they say it a lot.

I tend to say, "Oh, I love (wha'-evah)!" But only because it's my genuine reaction.

And, perhaps even more importantly, I make sure I'm around people who are affirming, supportive and who are not afraid to show affection for those they care about and even use the word "love" when they honestly feel that way!

Surrounding myself with affectionate pets also makes a difference. They don't have the guile to mislead or deceive and can always be trusted to behave the way they honestly feel.

I love that!


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