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Monday, February 26, 2007


Do you realize that when you talk you can't listen to anyone except yourself?

Recently, I went to the presentation by a nationally (very) recognized actor - who also is a writer and director. He was talking to an audience of writers - for the screen and other media.

He started the evening by saying that while he has had the good fortune to be consistently employed as an actor, and in some memorable films at that, he sees himself more as a writer and director than any other artist.

As a teenager, he studied art, then on to writing and directing in college and believes that writing is actually the key to his successful artistic and fulfilling personal life.

He could not have been any more clear: he was there to talk to screenwriters about - dare I say it? Writing.

Since he's part-owner and lecturer with a screenwriting school, I figured he must be a fountain of advice that is pure gold.

For example, he noted that excellent writing relies on writers listening - to real people, to our characters, to our gut, to our inner voice and most importantly - to life.

So guess what the majority of questions from the audience were about?



Oy. Vey.


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