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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus canned by MSNBC

Despite a long record of letting his mouth be a foot receptor for sexist and racist remarks, MSNBC kept him on the air.

Why did this particular verbal offense make such a difference to so many - creating a landslide of reverberation loud enough to get him tossed out of his TV gig?

Before, his words slighted, insulted and demeaned adults who put themselves out for public appraisal - professional athletes (he once actually swore that he would stop referring to black athletes' simian qualities), politicians, entertainers, journalists.

This time, he degraded kids.


Innocent kids on a school team who had no intention of becoming individual public figures who are in a position to fight back; who have the opportunity to have individual media exposure to respond.

Kids who had sacrificed a lot and worked very hard to improve themselves and their game - some of whom are good enough to earn scholarships just to play.

Teen-age girls, mostly, who were just trying their best - and succeeding - to play championship college basketball.

Thus far, CBS radio says it will continue to carry his program after his two week suspension.

Radio has a history of being more apt to carry programs with outlandish shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh (who didn't last long at all on television when he gave it a crack) and Howard Stern.

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