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Friday, April 06, 2007

Is the US really a "loveless" nation?

Mother Theresa reportedly said that she found America to be the most loveless country in the world.


Because of our priorities.

Wait. I think most of us would say that our family, friends and loved ones - or seeking a relationship/significant other - are at the top of our priorities.

I mean, perhaps the greatest evidence of our priorities is our daily list of things to do:

What do you have written down?

How many of them involve family, friends and loved ones - or seeking that special relationship?

How many of them involve work-related tasks or activities?

How many of them involve both - like having your kids or significant other attend an activity you ordinarily do alone and that they might enjoy?

Does your list of things to do look like this:

9am staff meeting
10am presentation for execs
noon lunch with advertising rep
2pm meeting with VP, sales report
5:30 squash with Bill/gym
6:30 dinner with department head
8pm concert with Beth

Or this:

8:50am call Beth - tell her how much I love her!
9am staff meeting
9:50am pick up flowers for Beth/home
10 meet with execs
noon lunch with Beth - arrange for family vacation
2pm meeting with VP, sales report
3pm arrange for kids' play day Saturday (my week to do this)
5:30 squash with Bill/gym
6pm make dinner with Beth
6:30 dinner with Beth and kids
7:30 help kids with homework (except Friday when we play putt putt golf)

Just a thought.

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  • At 3:08 PM, Blogger Adam Creighton said…

    Thanks for this "life reset" post -- good, simple, and important. I tend to go a million miles an hour, and it's easy for me to temporarily forget the important stuff.

  • At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    However, when you think of all the suicides in the United States of America, 40-plus-year-old virgins, Draconian sex laws, and our overly stratified society, how can we really deny that our country is a loveless nation? Being married and having kids seems to be more of a status thing now than something that people do out of desire. We live in the only nation in the world where women cannot love any man who has lived in his parents' basement any time beyond his 21st birthday. Our country eats people's souls for breakfast and spits them out like a cheap piece of meat.


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