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Thursday, June 28, 2007

WTF?! How to *legally* NOT hire US workers?

You have to see this Youtube video to believe it.

A US law firm, Pittsburgh-based Cohen & Grisby, instructs US-based multinational corporations how to avoid hiring US employees so they can outsource jobs to foreign nationals.

One person estimated the difference between the pay of a foreign national in India - with a master's degree in engineering - and an American: about $10-20K compared to $150K.

The guidelines include interactions that appear to consider an American worker, when in fact the corporation is actually looking for "legitimate" ways to disqualify that worker.

The resume submission, cover letter, test and even an interview that the potential employee believes is an attempt to find reasons to hire him or her is actually an exercise to find anything that will legally disqualify the individual.

So if you've gone through this hiring maze and believed you've scored high points all along the way, including the interview - and then didn't get the job? They never intended to hire you in the first place. They were just mining everything you put on your resume, your experience and what you said for anything that would be an excuse not to put you on their payroll.


Couple pieces of advice if you want to avoid hiring Americans: advertise in places that "shouldn't" reach qualified workers so the company can "prove" they made an "honest" effort to find US employees.

So if you're looking for a job as a graphics designer? Look for help wanted ads in Lifeguard Magazine. Got it?

There are lots more great suggestions to help your company avoid American workers just like this one!

Aren't they clever?

Aren't they special? And I mean that in the Special Olympics way.

These are the very people who will scream bloody murder when they are replaced with attorneys who will work for food and visas from all sorts of other countries.

By the way - those outsourcing nations, like India, would never permit this sort of transaction. They protect their workers with tough and enforced laws. Just ask Wal-Mart. India won't permit a conglomorate like that to establish itself because it would put family and middle class businesses out of work.

Quaint. Even odd to US lawmakers and multinational corporations. Protecting their citizens like that.

Just like Mexico protects its citizenships. It's not easy to immigrate to Mexico, did you know that? They protect their borders from foreigners entering illegally with strong and enforced laws!

See, they don't want Americans coming down there to take the few jobs they have available away from their own citizens. More, they don't allow Americans to purchase or own land.

If that sounds funny .. it's no joke. It makes a lot of Americans angry that illegal, undocumented workers receive free education, medical and other social services in the US - but IMO the real anger should be directed at the Mexican government - a government that can't create a healthy economy in order to provide for its own people and--

Oh, wait. That's what's going on here, too.

Hmmm. I guess that's a little pot and kettle, isn't it.

OK, let's look at our good "ally" China, who is providing a lot of the money we borrowed to pay for the war with Iraq.

China charges $20,000/US for a worker's visa.

Coming to the US to work if you're a foreign national from any country? Costs only 10% of that - $2,000 to have a company sponsor you to work here.

Which means that the Chinese protect their businesses by making Chinese employers accountable and responsible for extraordinary costs if they want to bring in a foreign national to perform a job there that could be performed by a qualified Chinese worker.

But in the US? The laws and regulations in place to make certain a foreign national can get an American company job fairly (cough-sneeze) is a joke.

Conservative thinking goes this way: a free market will determine the competitive corporate winner, no rules or regulations need apply. Problem is, when you're the only country who practices that sort of discrimination against its own people? Your country is going to lose - it's a short term win, long term loss situation.

So, hmmmm.

I guess when the US economy goes straight to multinational corporate hell in the proverbial handbasket of greed without passing go and then makes us pay $200 to get there?

We won't have anyone to blame but ourselves because these are Americans f*&%ing Americans for the almighty dollar. Or yen. Or peso. Or-- actually, it doesn't matter. Because the deal is - when you're a multinational corporation, you don't exist to serve or protect or have allegiance to anyone, you only exist to make money.

Anyone's money, from anywhere.

While simultaneously creating advertisements and expensive media campaigns to convince you how devoted they are to serving you, your family and what a happy group of employees are there to make that all happen. Employees become sort of Stepford Workers.

It sounds like what vice president Dick Cheney, closely associated with multinational Halliburton (which moved it's headquarters to Dubai to avoid paying US taxes), has been doing to our country all along, according to a brilliant series reported by the Washington Post.

Did you know Halliburton imported workers from Indonesia and other nations to rebuild Iraq (paid for with US dollars) rather than hire Iraqi workers to rebuild their own country? Because the imported workers are cheap labor.

Who in the world can possibly wonder why so many Iraqis now hate the US? Unemployment, along with the virtual assassination of thousands of innocent Iraqi children, women and men create the bedrock of Iraqi furor. And thanks to US hired and paid for without a single bid Halliburton, they can't get jobs in their own country.

Do you understand now why people become so irate when Bush and his administrative henchmen sell the pile 'o crap they have about "helping" the Iraqis?

Give me a break.

Meanwhile, back in the good old red-white-'n-blue US of A:

Apparently there are no laws to protect the remaining US businesses that care about American citizens and bottom line, that protect US workers and a right to get employment in their own country.

And our laws and regulations - or the enforcement of those on the books - or the lack of them - are responsible.

Believe me, if employers were not offering jobs to 12 milion illegal, undocumented workers? They wouldn't be in the US - they would be fighting for jobs in Mexico. At least - that sounds pretty reasonable to me.

So Bush, Cheney and cronies in multinational US-based corporations make it possible for everyone who owns them or stock in them to lie, cheat and manipulate us in order to worship the church of gold.

And practice not the Golden Rule, but the Green Rule: "Hey, it's nothing personal, it's strictly business."

Actually, it's not. It's lying, cheating and manipulating. Good, honorable business people are the salt of the earth because they care about their customers *and* the people who work with them.

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