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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Booty camp check in

OK, I'm finishing up week #8, my second month - Monday through Thursday - at the Seattle Weight Loss Bootcamp, and has it been a challenge, but it has also changed my life.

As tough as the workouts are - always outside (no matter the weather) because your body eats up more calories when it's active outside - I'm getting better at most. In fact, after the first month, I was one of the most improved participants in all three groups!

It feels great to get up early, put my knee braces on to avoid injury, my head band because I sweat like the winner of the Kentucky Derby, and fingerless leather gloves because grass, mud and other natural elements of the ground and atmosphere abound and I'd rather keep my hands warm and dry.

I'm learning the perfect form for every exercise we do, so some time next year I should be downright buff!

In addition to pushing myself physically and psychologically every morning, I've nearly completely changed my eating habits. Our coach, Kimae, is an encyclopedia of nutrition knowledge, and has made my transition easy. It's an old story - fiber, fiber, fiber, flax, flax, flax, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, yadda yadda yadda. But she has a way of explaining how each individual can modify their nutrition that made it easy for me.

And there is so much stuff made with flax now that is downright delicious, even bread made without flour. It is more expensive to eat well, but I find I'm eating less so it evens out.

I've dropped a full size and recently started feeling lighter, stronger and more fit than I have in many years - before the big C hit. I'm far healthier now than I was before I had cancer; this is a similar story of many who have had to go through the misery of surgeries, chemo and radiation because we don't ever want cancer to return or go back to the days of sheer misery and pain with more surgeries, chemo and radiation.

The next month's series - it will be my third - starts Monday. I'm continuing my full schedule training there for at least another three or four months (for a total of 5 or 6) full time, then returning a couple days a week to maintain what I hope is an excellent state of fitness.

Currently, SWL booty camp is just for us females, but next year that might change. It all depends on how much more energy Kimae can summon.

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