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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So .. what and whom do you love?

You know how I write out everything for which I am grateful?

Everything from being able to breathe freely to enjoying the use of all my fingers and toes? From being able to walk to being cancer-free to appreciating everything I do, have and the people in my life?

Last night (Chrismas eve) I began to think of all the things I love and decided to write them down.

As I passed #100 with ease, I felt the true spirit of the season and decided to keep a running what I love list throughout the year to rekindle the spirit of Christmas every day.

Just a few items I wrote:

I love sunrises and sunsets
I love a great conversation
I love writing
I love singing
I love playing music on guitar and piano
I love rain
I love hiking
I love playing with my pups and kitty
I love playing with babies (well, the one baby in my life)
I love my Christmas tree (there's a fabulous new tree raised by Christmas tree farms in Oregon -#1 Christmas tree provider state for the US - that's very sturdy and good for the ecosystem.)
I love the spirit, lights and songs of Christmas
I love sleeping soundly on a form-fitting mattress
I love the outdoors
I love music
I love great films like The Conformist
I love 30 Rock
I love Tina Fey
I love Alec Baldwin
I love learning
I love reading
I love Mo's cooking
I love home made banana cream pie
I love celebrating the New Year
I love ferry boat rides
I love perfectly fitting cross=trainer shoes

-- you get the idea. It was nothing to whip off my first 100, and needless to say, I loved the process! I bet you will, too.

Jeux Noel.

Edited to add this ps.. the impetus for writing this blog was meeting someone whose conversation was filled with what she hated. "I hate it when .." "I just hate.. (whatever)"

I realized I literally never talk about what or whom I don't like, and almost never use the word "hate." So had to write my list to gain a little balance.

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