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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who I'm for in the nominee process:

I've been glued to political coverage for Democrat and Republican nominees more hours than I ought to be over the past year.

TV, radio, newspaper, books, individual websites, whatever reliable sources I could find, and I've decided who gets my vote - if we could vote on the nominee in other than caucus settings.

I know it doesn't (or shouldn't) mean anything to you whom I choose, I just wanted to tell you where I'm at relating to the issues and the candidate I selected; I have contributed (well under the maximum amount) to this person's campaign.

Feel free to leave a message about whom you are for and why - keep it positive, try to change my mind (and therefore other folks who agree with me).

While I definitely do not agree with all his positions on all the issues - because of his motivation, his experience, his tenacity, his organizational and leadership skills, his passion, his goals, his background, his energy, his strength of character, his wife's contribution to the nation and his campaign. for their spiritual base that doesn't discriminate against those with other religions or none at all...

Because of his promise to get a minimum of 40-50,000 troops out of Iraq within a year - ending the occupation of Iraq entirely without endangering our troops, (ending Blackwater's billions of dollars no-bid contract with the US along with its footloose, unconscionable and unaccountable shoot first attitude), ending Halliburton's and other multinational corporations no-bid contracts with the US (reclaiming the proper bidding process for all government contracts), for his understanding of how to deal firmly and successfully with congress, for his understanding of how to deal firmly and successfully with multinational corporations whose transparent goals have nothing to do with serving or protecting consumers?

For these and many more reasons, I'm for John Edwards.

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