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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CV's, resumes, and bio's, oh my!

You're probably someone who keeps careful records of what you've done - so you can show people in your CV or resume or bio all those details.

That's what people are supposed to do.

In fact some overdo credentials by making stuff up on their records.

Not me.

I barely keep records of anything I've done, and that is not a good thing.

If it weren't for the actual published books and articles and produced films, I'd have no evidence I do what I do. And I can't find half of them. I've done several online essays and articles, but only my blog is what I have to point to as proof because I can't recall the folks for whom I wrote - there were so many.

Speeches I've made - even keynote, media appearances, classes I've taught - um, I just didn't keep track. I'm very much an in-the-moment person, tend not to look back. I'm not one to "rest on her laurels." That is, bask in something I've done that was well received.

Even awards - I receive them and am very grateful, then stash them .. somewhere. At one point several years ago I had awards and certificates all over the house, and someone told me that I was much more than my awards and that they could put people off - intimidate them.

I certainly didn't want to be known for my awards so I put them all away - in several boxes that I've stashed .. somewhere.

My producer says it would be a good idea for an assistant and I to go through the past many years tracking down specifics so I can list them for those who need to see them.

I always thought that as long as *I* knew about these things, that would be enough; but no, apparently there needs to be a record of specifics so they can be posted for the world in places online that verifies we are who we are, we do what we do and everything we've done.

Does that go back to 5th grade? That was when I wrote and starred in my first play, "Fishnet." No it did not refer to the stockings, it referred to catching fish, but was a spoof of the old show Dragnet.

Or 6th grade, when I earned a leadership award. But that was instead given to a boy because school officials said, "Girls don't need a leadership award to get ahead in the world." So the boy basked in his award. I was, however, given a consolation prize of some sort they made up because of their gaff.


Maybe that's why I didn't keep track of these things.

I moved 17 times by the age of 17 (military brat), so collected recognitions for one thing or another along the way. I recall I won a journalism award .. somewhere. As I recall I was co-editor of the school newspaper in 7th grade. I received a debating award .. somewhere else; and selected "best thespian" in high school.

I'd never mention them anywhere else but here because I'm just now remembering them; it seems too minor to list on a resume. Or the awards I received when I was in the US Air Force. I know there were pictures taken.

Perhaps because I've done so many things - and more than one thing at a time (at one point I hosted a radio talk show, worked as a freelance reporter for a TV station and fill in radio reporter for another station than that for which I hosted the program) - I've been a little sheepish about looking like either a dilettante or desperate overachiever.

Basically, I've done what I wanted. Almost never for money, even when I needed it, sometimes desperately.

It's not a way of life most would prefer, but it's been really enlightening, fulfilling, rewarding and quite a bit of fun for me. I just haven't kept careful track of all I've done; it's locked in my heart and mind.

But let this be a lesson - keep track, don't exaggerate - of all you do, because one day someone may tap you on the shoulder and tell you it all has to be listed so people will have proof you are who you are and that you've done what you've done.

As I say, my life's ambition is to learn everything. And I still have so much to discover.

I guess I better start at least listing stops along the way, and any special notice my work has achieved.

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