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Monday, March 15, 2010

Set pets for life

When I worked as a volunteer at the Seattle Animal Shelter for two years, it was always a little more heartbreaking to discover an otherwise well cared for pet was there because a loving owner died -- but because the pet's care was not provided for in the will, their pets were picked up by animal control or surrendered by family members who did not want the animal.

That deserted pet looks fervently for its owner at first, then becomes depressed. It can take awhile to come around when they are adopted by a loving family (if, hopefully they are adopted); it's important for new owners to understand that.

It's also important that people looking for pets at shelters understand that many animals are not there because they misbehaved or have cruelly been dumped to be picked up by animal control.

In my living will, I have not only outlined what medical care I do and do not want should I be incapacitated, but also where my four pets should be placed. More, where all their food, toys, pet care products and medicine are located.

My three Pomeranians, Mistletoe, Seeker and JR, whose ages range between 4 and 16, must stay together - so they're going to a trusted friend and Pomeranian expert, who works with a Pom rescue organization and will make sure they are placed with a perfect family ensemble. Some of my unwashed clothes would go with them so they can sleep smelling my scent until a transition is made.

My kitty, Allie Cat, must stay with a neighbor because she's wed to my house. Despite being an indoor/outdoor cat (this is a safe region for her to be outside), she never strays far from the yard. Most of the time, in fact, she does not even leave the yard; she's normally situated somewhere next to the house or on the porch.

She's an affectionate cat so she'll be welcome in her new home should she need new digs. But chances are, she'll still hang out in my yard as she does now. Probably be a good idea to have a piece of my clothing for her to lie on as well.

Of course, the fact that the neighbors already know and love her makes a difference; I'm sure they would keep a special eye out for her should the need ever be.

My only hope is that she wouldn't be too lonely because she and Seeker are best buds, but I know she'll be too frightened to leave her longtime homestead.

Seeker is the caretaker - he keeps ears and eyes clean for pups and kitty.

Having said all this, I plan to be around *much* longer than they are, but just in case - tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us - they are provided for and will never end up in a shelter or pound, scared and wondering where the heck I am and how I could have let them end up in a place like that!

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