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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Healing Thanksgiving!


Is the combination of letting go completely of everything that doesn't work, forgiving ourselves and others completely, getting out of our own way, sharing who we are without hesitation and opening up completely to receiving all that is good in life.

That's my definition!

Feel free to add your own in comments!

For me, Thanksgiving 2006 is a time for family, friends, introspection, sumptuous food and gratitude for all that is wonderful - as well as the tough lessons I've learned this year that will, mercifully, enhance my life from this moment on.

My wish for you is that you have countless reasons to be thankful (happiness is the result of immense gratitude) and an infallible understanding of how to heal whatever hurts.

Note: my healing definition has received more response than anything else I have written. I am honored that it meant so much to so many - that it has made a genuine difference and created change in the lives of those readers who sent me emails. Thank you.


Speaking of healing, for readers outside the US, this is an American holiday that honors the first Thanksgiving, when the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims gathered in relative peace, even though, according to author James Loewen, the tribe suspected the settlers of robbing Indian graves to steal food buried with the dead.

According to Loewen's research, relations between the Indians and settlers were strained, but the holiday worked; folks got along. "After that, bad things happened," he says.

American Indians believe that the generosity and kindness they showed the Europeans was repaid by the foreigners overtaking their land and resources.

This ultimately led the natives to fight back, unsuccessfully attempting to drive the immigrants off their territory.


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