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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"My" mystery New York City VJ is ROCKING!!!

I can hardly wait to tell you who she is, where she's working, and how she simply and totally ROCKS at what she does!

Let me tell you the "secret" to her soon to be national success:

1) She is passionate about music. She loves, lives and breathes MUSIC! Not just some genres, but all music.
2) She loves and respects the creative process of making music.
3) She loves and respects the creative and working process of performing music.
4) She has worked in the music industry for several years - including with one of the biggest selling artists in the world.
5) She researches and investigates new and established musicians, music genres and music history
6). She finds facts, news and artists to interview that engage audiences - not just those you see all the time
7) She has been working on being naturally herself for the camera for several months with me, and only gets better with every taping. She was afraid that a coach would try to make her someone she really isn't-like all the other VJ's. I told her I wanted *none* of that "all the other VJ's are like that so I should be too..." stuff. Fuggedabouddit! This young woman is fantastic, exciting and engaging simply being herself.
8) She has worked on her writing to make sure she can professionally present anything that needs a written element.


Let's add all this up:

She has a driving passion for her subject; she works her butt off to consistently and constantly educate herself even more about the subject many would already consider her an expert; she knows and works with successful and up-and-coming people in the industry; she has worked hard to sharpen her presentation and writing skills; she understands the international implications of music and the business; she has a terrific look ... and she has a great personality.

A personality that younger audiences will be drawn to like a magnet - as well as having tremendous appeal for anyone, any race, any age, any gender, who listens to music.

The one thing the industry might not be ready for: while she has a couple of specific ethnic backgrounds, she can't be urbanized, ghettoized or pigeon-holed.

Because she really is all about the music. ALL music.

She's also a down-to-earth real person. I'm so proud of her and thrilled for her.

Girlfriend, you totally, absolutely ROCK! As a person and as a professional!


  • At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    'K I'm intrigued... Who is this??? :)

  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger cp said…

    Her identity must remain a mystery until ... I can tell you who she is! And believe me I shall proudly announce who it is right here! :-)


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