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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Emmy worthy show in a plain brown wrapper

Courteney CoxIf you haven't checked out the Courteney Cox hit Dirt on the FX Network, your hands are clean, your mind remains untwisted, you continue to define decadence as a chocolate dessert and you still make your sandwiches with plain white bread.

IMO, Courteney delivers an Emmy worthy performance as Lucy Stiller every second she's on screen; the unmitigated rage and confusion that is her life screams from her eyes as she constantly attempts to control herself and everyone around her.

Come into her warped world, she will simultaneously poison and enlighten. Which you'll find so intriguing you won't be able to release yourself from the dysfunctional, narcissistic single-minded web that is her essence.

She's editor-in-chief of a gossip mag/rag/tab in Hollywood.

Ian HartLucy's life mission is to find the reason her father committed suicide. She believes that she is after the truth, in the journalistic sense. But truthfully, her extreme, immature anger and confusion has mutated into an existence wherein she is so out of touch with her feelings - including her sexuality - that her relationships are exceedingly dysfunctional and she can't trust anyone except her unlikely leading man, Don Conkey, played by the superb Ian Hart.

Don is a highly functioning schizophrenic, and Hart's performances must be seen to be believed. When he and Lucy are on screen, it's impossible to take your eyes off either.

Matthew CarnahanHis role is brilliantly written by Matthew Carnahan, who also deserves kudos as the show's writer.

The program is not without a sense of humor - the soap opera-ish fun and show biz satire are not missed by Carnahan.

Another great thing about this dark drama: no production shortcuts - probably thanks to the fact that the program is produced by Courteney and husband David Arquette. I'm really looking forward to interviewing Courteney for movieScope magazine!

Here's my official warning label: This is an ADULT program - rightly only shown after 10pm, and it's addicting! Nicotine has *nothing* on Dirt's jonesing properties!

European and UK readers: hopefully, you will be watching the program soon so you can judge for yourself! I believe, knowing you? You'll *love* it.

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