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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Are you worthy?

Too often people sabotage themselves because they don't believe they are worthy of great opportunities, relationships, gifts (of all types), real love, genuine friendship, true happiness and success.

In some cases they sabotage themselves because they suffer from an "impostor syndrome," believing themselves to be basically a fraud - not really the successful person others perceive them to be. Or that their success is undeserved - a mistake or the result of sheer luck.

People who feel worthy experience fulfillment from life, their life's work and relationships.

Because they feel worthy they're not afraid of losing a negative influence in their lives - no matter how strong a connection there might be and how great the loss might be experienced.

You are worth positive, caring, respectful relationships - with yourself and others, in the work place and at home.

We all are.

It all starts within ourselves.

We see how cruel people are to one another and click our disapproving tongues, yet the way we treat ourselves can be pretty treacherous.

I know people who would never allow their children or their pets to be treated the way they abuse themselves.

Yet they allow their own hand to light up the cigarette - poisoning their system; drink too much alcohol; take mind and body-destroying drugs; eat junk food; criticize themselves relentlessly; remain trapped in a snakepit of unhappiness, and refuse to pursue their passion or do what it takes to enhance their lives and self-worth.

If a lifestyle is built upon destructive behavior, it takes awhile to retrain ourselves.

But it can be done - and excellently - when the decision is made that we are worthy of a good and healthy life, filled with work about which we are passionate, as well as loving, caring, healthy and enduring relationships.

Interestingly, when I put in extra time or make a special effort to help an actor, they thank me for going "above and beyond" the call of duty to assist them succeed in an audition, or role they're filming or a step up in their career.

I smile and say, "Sure. You're worth it."

To a person, they snap turn to me as if I've told them something they've never heard.

I hope they pass it on to someone else - then hear it back all the time.

We are worthy.

You're worthy. Be happy.

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