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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Counting down to Nov 2 HEROES!

Elisabeth Röhm joins the cast for several episodes Monday, Nov. 2!

Here's her story line: she plays a kicking serious butt CIA agent, Lauren Gilmore, who at one time was very close with HRG (major Hero for the uninitiated).

They worked together and at one point had the opportunity to get even closer - but both chose to be ethical, since he was married at the time.

Deal is, to prevent any further stress for her (read: sexual tension, unrequited love, which as you know can create a distraction from major booty kicking), he erases her memory of their (Platonic but wanting more) relationship.

UPDATE: As it turns out, the story flips to HER erasing her own memory about their unrequited love - she "goes Haitian" on her own.

Flash forward to Nov 2, 2009.

Lauren shows up again - but even with her "memory" erased, she senses that she knows HRG on a very deep level. As Elisabeth put it, "like a soulmate."

So he's tormented. Only recently single, he knows what they've meant to one another, what they've felt - what he has continued to feel, but should he tell her? Should he allow himself to become close again?

She's confused, but knows there must be an unexplainable connection. A connection that feels strong, undeniable and "right."

As she told TV Guide (the picture is from its online interview with her), Elisabeth believes the idea of a soulmate resonates with her. That there are people with whom we are simply "meant to be." They may not be our spouses, or even in a sexual relationship at all - but there is a palpable, very real yet unexplainable heart, or soul, connection.

So we're left to wonder: will she figure it out? Will he tell her? Will she want to get closer? Will he allow their relationship to re-ignite now that they are both single? Will he tell her she erased her memory of their budding romance?

OK, because I happen to have directed her in THE WHOLE TRUTH I got some backstage ... well, I can't exactly call it "dirt," so I'll call it ... insight.

First and foremost, she has been incredibly "Impressed with the quality of work that everyone here strives to achieve." She says every one in every position at Heroes cares deeply about this program. Producers, directors, writers, actors, crew, no one takes their work on Heroes casually.

I pointed out that Heroes program runners don't have any say over changing program nights or times or delays in airing episodes, all of which have really upset fans. That's the network's doing. Folks associated with the show can only lodge their displeasure, but they are at the mercy of the same folks who have put Jay Leno on every week night at 10pm.

As for the work itself, Elisabeth says that the Heroes actors are the *best!* She says that to a person, every cast member has been professional, great to hang out with and are not afraid to do whatever it takes to make a scene work best.

Also that Heroes staff, cast and crew care very deeply about their fans.

Of course they're disappointed in the failing ratings - but they don't blame fans. They know their fans have had to endure some problems with the show and are doing everything they can to turn that around.

They hope bringing Elisabeth Röhm in for their first ever exploration of a romantic relationship in the mix of all those superpowers will strengthen their center, their core. I know I will be tuned in to my NBC channel Monday, Nov. 2, 8pm Eastern/Pacific 7pm Central.

And I can't help but think the greatest super power of all is love.

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